The Mighty Duke – Portable Auto Body and Frame Machine – Collision Repair System


Body Repair

Wagner-Martin Development LLC presents The Mighty Duke! This innovative collision repair system is perfect for all size auto body repair and frame shops!

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  1. Jack Moore says:

    Amazing video!!
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  2. I saw a Russian guy on YouTube has bunch frame vids, you can build a DIY frame puller like this for $1000 bucks , and drill holes in concrete slab or , put steel poles pre slab pour in shop to pull from all angles.

  3. Gruven Haus says:

    hardluckcharlie is a PIMP with that shit!

  4. The Man says:

    this looks good, what do you chain the cars down?

  5. Ryo Amora says:

    When was this video made? 1986 or 1987?

  6. autoparts321 says:


  7. commando8088 says:

    Ok, so I have a 1964 Impala, I bought it without realizing the frame was bent. The car drives straight now, but the front end is shimmed over and the drivers side front tear wears quickly on the right side because the tire is towed out. Is this something fixable?

  8. The Ball says:

    Dude's shirt is so tight my arms fell asleep

  9. how much would it cost just for this machine to be used on someones car

  10. GreatKlanuga says:

    The video shows the Duke straightening the A-Post on a Pick Up. I didn't think shops would do this type of repair?

  11. Tolyan bay says:

    Отлично сделано , функционально.

  12. that machines out dated piece crap shops don't use floor systems anymore

  13. now try to get that wreck true and straight again..this said, that thing works well.

  14. When was this video taken

  15. Jerry can fix anything with his hammer!

  16. Ramon Cabrea says:


  17. Casey H. says:

    Jerry is a collision repair god!

  18.      As of January 1, 2015 we will discontinue offering the MD-101. The MD-301 machine will now be offered with, and without the overhead and push-pull attachments. The MD-301 complete with everything will now be designated the MD-301FP (Full Package)
         We have recently contracted with master fabricator, ShapeCut Industries in Spokane, Washington to improve design, CNC Laser cut, and certified TIG weld parts for The Mighty Duke Power Pull machines. The new, improved MD-301's are being fabricated as I write this, and should be ready to ship the first of the year. (Jan. 5, 2014)
         For a while at least, we will be offering the MD-301BP (Basic Package) for $2599.  The MD-301FP will be at $3399. Both packages include free freight for a limited time! We can take orders over the phone, and accept all major cards. Our site secure order page also accepts also accepts PayPal. We do not keep card information on our system. Please visit;

  19. Model MD-301BP, the complete basic package only $2799!  Includes everything needed to start making money!

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