Top 10 Best Muscle Cars On Gran Turismo 6 [HSG Select]


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Another top ten countdown, this time for my pick of the ten best all-round muscle cars which you should definitely check out on GT6… Bonus Content : [Chevrolet …


22 Replies to “Top 10 Best Muscle Cars On Gran Turismo 6 [HSG Select]”

  1. Péter Mayer says:

    Dude how did you get that much money to buy all of the cars in your videos?

  2. God's Army says:

    I love all cars,any car can be in nice tip top shape – _ –

  3. Adam Grant says:

    It isn't four five four it's four fifty-four. Love your vids btw

  4. rodney nantz says:

    make things more interesting the buick special has a 455 big block

  5. I own a Buick, really i feel assaulted that you didn't even put it on the list

  6. pedro rocha says:

    Dodge Challenger R/T 70 ?

  7. SN NF says:

    Imo, the El Camino is better than the Firebird. Same price, better straightline performance, and still pretty solid around corners. Though, it does suffer in top speed.

  8. Awsm Mann says:

    I thought Mustangs and Camaros were Pony Cars but WTF who cares. (I do)

  9. Filipe C says:

    the sound, design, feeling.

    muscle cars are my dream cars

  10. Filipe C says:

    i love all muscle cars

  11. Henrique Al says:

    chevrolet nova is the best, i know it is unexpected, but believe me, try it out, you wont regret

  12. Good video! I am seriously considering buying the Pontiac Trans Am

  13. " 'Cause anything that doesn't have a giant bird on its hood , it sucks !"
    Classic Game Room for Firebird

  14. Marco SB says:

    i was playing when you was doiing the video .psn=cdfb79

  15. Fad Hill says:

    Do make one for classic cars.

  16. Shay says:

    Trans Am helped me complete the campaign mode fast

  17. Gseric47 says:

    Really appreciate you putting the Mercury at top 5. That car is amazing!

  18. Gojira_ says:

    The Chevelle is one of the best drift cars in the game too.

  19. altgough I would put the trans am in 1rat it is far from a high top speed but is great at tuning

  20. Shit Pasta says:

    Tomorrow… Photo competition… We're taking ovah!

  21. TheChilo61 says:

    Bet you had to contemplate for ages on this XD

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