Top 10 Undeservedly Forgotten American Muscle Cars From The ‘60s


Car Shows ( HUMAN NARRATOR ) Top 20 Undeservedly Forgotten American Muscle Cars Debating the origin of the muscle car is like …


39 Replies to “Top 10 Undeservedly Forgotten American Muscle Cars From The ‘60s”

  1. Jim G says:

    Fake voice, thumbs down.

  2. slc9800gtx says:

    I can barely understand what she is saying

  3. NK 60 says:

    Is it just me or what? The title says "…cars from the 60's" and yet the "click bait" thumbnail is a Dodge Challenger, not made in the 60's, OMFG! LOL!

  4. This article is pure junk. To start the Pontiac 2+2 is not a muscle car. Second this must have been written by a 15 year old who cannot remember a time before Honda's.

  5. Good video. And I like the reverb guitars in the second song.

  6. Mike S says:

    There's a reason most of these cars aren't remembered with great fondness. They truly are BUTT UGLY!! The Chrysler Hurst 300 wasn't too ugly for the Monster that it was, but of course it's a member of the MOPAR family : The coolest looking cars ever made!!

  7. fireball1322 says:

    1st mustang was1963 & 1/2 , with a 260 ci Ford V8. BTW In 1962, Mercury produced a 221ci V8 available in the 1962 Mercury Meteor

  8. Tim Glover says:

    Great video other than all the adds

  9. Mopar pilot says:

    It was funny hearing the computer voice call the Ranchero a Ronchero!

  10. When my father was in high school he had a 1970 Torino Brougham with the 429 Boss engine. It was black with a black vinyl roof and hideaway headlights and it was tough looking!

  11. KOS762 says:

    sad audio, music fades in and out… D- Robot chick 'en sounds terrible.

  12. Danny Boy says:

    I know where there's a ranchero sitting for sale

  13. Fljeff7 says:

    Ultra high compression sky rocket 394 in a Starfire 1962 Oldsmobile

  14. IronWoode says:

    I see people are still going on about the supposed 3 second 0 – 60 BS. There is no way that car is going to do that unless it's falling off a cliff. That nonsense was debunked 20 years ago.

  15. JR G says:

    No one that likes cars thinks that any of these are forgotten.

  16. I saw a Ranchero at a flea market.

  17. archangele1 says:

    Most attribute the beginning of the muscle car era with the V8 early 50's Oldsmobile 88.
    Take a '98 OHV V8, put it in a smaller body the weight of a Chevy and voila! the Olds 88.
    Back then it was one of the hottest cars on the road.

    ` THATS WHY YOU GOT a ""THUMBS ~ DOWN"" from ME !

  19. Talladega muscle cars (those sold to the public) had 428CJ engines, not 429 BOSS engines. Only those raced in NASCAR carried the BOSS engine.

  20. Matt Foster says:

    the bot voice ruins it

  21. Keiji1978 says:

    I didn't know Kingswood 427.Nice muscle wagon.

  22. Back in the sixties and I was a kid I remember my uncle talking about his friend who owned a Pontiac 2 + 2 and he raved about it all the time. But a 421cid, 348 Gross HP in a huge Catalina does not go 0 to 60 in 3.9. PERIOD. I know that the 400CID 350HP GTO which is somewhat lighter did 0 to 60 in about 6.2 to 6.4. but to change the subject I know that horsepower is misunderstood from now compared to the 1960s. In the 1960s if you had a gross horsepower of 350 that would translate to about 270 or 280 horsepower nowadays. an example would be the 2015 , 412 horsepower Mustang GT which if was in the 60's would be more like. 500 horsepower right off the crank. Which is the way that they measured it back then.

  23. Dam leave the music off!!!!!

  24. You probably should have named the video "forgotten performance cars". I like all of the makes profiled here. As for the first muscle car, I submit, was Mopar's downsized fullsize cars from Dodge and Plymouth in 1962 (the first B-bodies). With the 413 cubic inch Max Wedge V8's, they could probably annihilate the GTO and the SS.

  25. Thomas Smith says:

    Sorry, I can't stand that robot voice…

  26. Ken York says:

    People still remember these cars oh and also you pronounced some of this stuff wrong 👎

  27. Great content… find a real girl to narrate and fire Mrs. Roboto though

  28. FOXBODY 351W says:

    There is no friggin' way that 2+2 hit 60 in under 4 seconds with under 400 hp weighing what it did. Nope.

  29. hipcat13 says:

    Enough with the computer voice already! Makes me want to turn it off.

  30. masjuggalo says:

    Very few of these are forgotten musscle cars. Most are options outhers are sports cars.

  31. I'd give my left nut for a 300 Hurst.

  32. 59 seconds!
    That's as far as I can watch because of the robo-voice crap.
    Video looks good, hot cars, nifty concept, lost it in less than a minute on audio. Sad.

  33. What about the Ford Torino?

  34. Hillbilly says:

    Started watching, and was interested, but for Christ sakes couldn't you get a real person to talk? Listening to a monotone robot is really quite shitty…

  35. And you thought it was hard getting parts for your car….

  36. Robert NA says:

    Couldn't find a real person to narrate?

  37. carbeen2 says:

    I prefer human narrative.

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