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San Diego Auto Body Repair and Painting / Triple A Auto – If your car has been in an accident and you need a car body repair call the experts at Triple A Auto …

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  1. I would not leave my automobile at this shop ( would caution everyone I know to go elsewhere. I have filed a complaint with CA Bureau of Auto Repair. We thought we had found an honest/good shop – we had not.  I scraped the side of our Land Rover & needed it fixed fast.  They fixed the door but while my car was there they broke off the rear view mirror, tried to cover it up, & then lied about the damage, costing us more than what our door cost to fix and leaving us with a damaged vehicle that needed to be fixed elsewhere. 

    When we picked up the car they ( asked us to check the car door, we did, it looked great, we got in the car & left. We made the u-turn on their street & the mirror was rattling, we turned right on Morena & the mirror  fell off & was hanging by the wires.  We immediately returned to the shop & showed them the broken mirror.  They said the glue must have melted in the sun. They said they would have their glass guys come the next day to "glue it back on" and not to worry they would take care of it. 

    The next day I returned & the glass guys were there. Angel told me to pay the glass guys directly because they were not associated with him.  At this time I texted my husband and said "they are making me pay for this!"  He said, as long as it gets fixed, just get out of there.  The glass guys could not fix the mirror & told me to take to Land Rover because it was broken & could not be glued. The Land Rover tech saw the mirror & said "Our guys are very careful bc they know if they break the mirror you have to replace the entire window & it's very expensive"  He checked the mirror & showed me how two parts had been broken off. He said this is not a matter of the glue, it was physically broken, most likely by someone that does not know how the mirror works & they were manually adjusting it."

    I tried contacting Triple A Auto (, they did not reply. I disputed a portion of the payment that I had paid to them for the door while we got this worked out. I was willing to pay them for the door but wanted something back to help cover the mirror they had broken.  A week later they contacted via email.  They said that since the mirror came off after I drove away from their street it was my responsibility.They also said that they had offered to pay to fix the mirror when I brought it back in – this was the first of many lies that they made trying to cover this up. 

    We told them that we do not even touch the mirror because it is adjusted with BUTTONS on the door. We told them that someone had been in our car because the seat was pushed way back.  They admitted yes, their guys moved the car on the street but they "didn't think" he touched the mirror.  They said that they had asked me to look over the car & I said all was okay so it's my fault I didn't notice it before I drove off!!  I pointed out to them that they asked me to look at the DOOR and  I agreed, it looked good.  As soon as I saw they had broken the mirror, I was back to talk to them about it.  

    Miguel, the son's owner refused to cooperate & kept saying that since I drove away from their shop it was our responsibility.  In the beginning my husband said if they fix the mirror & are honest about this,  we will let this all go  However, since they are now not only fixing the mirror but going out of their way to lie about it we can not in good conscience refer anyone to this shop. We said if they are going to rip us off we have no choice but to write reviews and let the public know our experience. He said "threatening will not work with us"  My reviews are not meant as threats –  my hope is that no one else gets ripped off by this company.  Our experience with them was 100% dishonest and unethical.  If anyone has questions please feel free to contact me. Do not trust this shop – go elsewhere.

  2. MrJovani 2u says:

    WE are the best in San Diego…Ive know the family 8 years.. all the workers there are fast.and very skilled Techs..and they love what they do..and it shows in the final product ..So if you need it done right,, Triple A Autobody is your best option. ……….And if you wondering  why i know their so good…. I work there…….

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