Who’s the fastest ? Modern muscle cars drag race.


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ZL1 vs Hellcat,Mustang GT vs Camaro SS,Shelby Super Snake vs ZL1,Hellcat vs Mustang GT,Dodge Challenger Shaker vs challenger srt 392 and many more.


42 Replies to “Who’s the fastest ? Modern muscle cars drag race.”

  1. brian yaudas says:

    Very good camera man. Most of these type vids look like they were filmed by Michael J. Fox when he's having a bad day!

  2. Omg!! Tires people fucking tires!! All these low 11 cars running 13s lol. If your in 3rd and spinning you are wrong!!! Drag radials guys come in

  3. we should all know that the DEMON is king

  4. Damn! The 5oh started first and still lost lmfao, MOPAR OR NO CAR SON

  5. wish they would have raced a 1le vs demon

  6. Tim Smith says:

    Love the cars!
    But i think its time to trigger some people 😈

    Insert 2020 Tesla Roadster

  7. Speaking as a bemused Brit, there doesn't seem to be much that can keep up with the Hellcat…

  8. Akhi Yahudah says:

    The 1/4 mile is now considered an outdated way of testing which car is fastest. In reality it shows nothing more than who has the best reaction time and the best traction. I've seen a stock SS Camaro out run a modified ZR1. He didn't win because he was faster it was because the ZR1 driver pretty much spun the wheels most of the way down the track.

  9. Trojun says:

    goes to show affording one ,doesn't mean you know how to fucking race

  10. The fastest is who ever is reading a personal development book 15 to 20 minutes a day

  11. Miles Jr says:

    How long is the track?

  12. kenz546 says:

    Enter the Demon!!

  13. fastmirage says:

    Most of these cars are made from import part's

  14. All the drivers were shit

  15. Modern Camaros are sports cars.

  16. paris hall says:

    I thought muscle cars are 4 doors those are pony cars

  17. Gm really needs to get with it.

  18. John D'Aoust says:

    What's the matter boys, does a Tesla sedan scare you soooo much that you won't race against it? Good idea, it'll kick all of these snail's asses and do it without burning an drop of gas!

  19. Nice cars but I drive a camaro and I bought my chick a mustang and dodge well wouldn’t even buy one for my neighbor lol

  20. and still skyline and supra smoke these shits…. hahahhahaa cft civic 32 psi vs srt viper win ftw… i love turbo and small engine

  21. crazeken says:

    these are amateur drivers, most do not know how to drive..just rich folks with money and zero driving skills lol put professionals in those cars,it'll be a big difference.

  22. jeffv2074 says:

    All beautiful cars to bad most of the drivers where amateurs. Now can we see these beast's on a road course

  23. I would've voted for any Dodge Charger…

  24. Interesting that the meathead Americans call fast cars Muscel cars how appropriate,
    When the rest of the world is in conservation mode and sharing concerns for the planet the meathead arrogant American psychopath blindly shits in his own nest while the world picks up the pieces, they are such an arrogant people of such thoughtless stupper. Your a-typical gung-ho never think of the consequences custer metality they have always had will eventually destroy them.Unfortunitly they will drag half the world down with them

  25. It would be nice to see how these cars would do with professional drivers behind the wheel.

  26. lol who brought the bentley

  27. KM Zoilus says:

    this is dumb …I wish all these were bone stock,, but you got stock vs modded and vice versa not to mention none of these guys are pro drivers so that negates everything right there too… moving on

  28. ateodeponce says:

    Who the fuck had the balls of getting in that track with a Chrysler???

  29. Eric Herring says:

    as a professional driver,these guys have terrible reaction time i could shift my 18 speed Pete faster than these clowns

  30. Lmao of course the Ford is going on the tow Truck

  31. Camaros are garbage and for girls.

  32. do you even difference between Muscle and pony car?

  33. Stussy 37 says:

    nice cars! but butterfingers drivers! XO

  34. Spencer says:

    Lol whoever was in that manual ZL1 seriously needs to learn how to drive before embarrassing yourself at a track

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