Worst and Slowest Muscle Cars Ever


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This video features Worst and Slowest Muscle Cars Ever. If you wanna know which are Worst and Slowest Muscle Cars Ever watch this video and if you like the …


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  1. MURR DOG says:

    norm dont you mean slant 6 motor.

  2. MURR DOG says:

    used to beat the fraud ruststains with my 78 dodge aspen r/t.

  3. Hahahahha mustang 2 fail!

  4. Whoever the videographer of the Gremilin GT needs to be given antisiezure meds.

  5. Manny Henry says:

    This is one sad video. I need a drink of Jack Daniels.

  6. Gary Dunn says:

    In all fairness, these cars were from the era when exhaust emission controls had taken over. Having said that, you still
    had better looking cars than we had in the uk.

  7. The Volare in 1976 360-4  had 255 HP and with slight Engine mods could smoke most cars on the street in this era. The Insurance companies were cracking down on Muscle cars and the factory underrated the HP to help the buyer save money.   You need to do your research.  316 ? This must be a joke.

  8. still better than a prius

  9. xr7fan says:

    Ugh, there's nothing worse than some child in his twenties doing commentary on vehicles manufactured two decades before he was born.

  10. Jim Becker says:

    In my view, the so-called "muscle cars" from this era looked as cheap as their lack-luster performance indicated. Glad US manufacturers finally got things back on track! (Pun intended)

  11. Bleb Han says:

    Muscle cars are not supposed to be fast. They're supposed to be loud and cool to look at. If you want fast, get a crotch rocket.

  12. Jim Watson says:

    The AMC 304 in some of the Javelin's were pretty strong cars!!!

  13. Jim Watson says:

    Did they Crisco the streets to get them to spin?

  14. Ken O'Day says:

    Worked at a Dodge Chrysler Plymouth Dealer from May 80 to Sept 81. All the V8s were pathetic. Government regulations passed without finding out what the manufacturers could really do to reduce smog. Every modern car has cleaner emissions than any of these did.
    Bonus trivia. What did R/T on a Mopar product actually stand for? Hint, it's NOT Road/Track …..

  15. suckitdipwad says:

    The black Pontiac doing a burnout was not a GTO. The Volare/Aspen had a 318, not a 316. Still, the car in the video is obviously highly modified. The Mustang shown was not a King Cobra. If it were, it would have a complete body kit, exclusive wheels to the model, a special stripe kit, and the scoop mounted 180 degrees the other direction. Your Aspen R/T is obviously highly modified and not representative of the original model of the time. The shit-box "Charger" you posted was pathetic (the Cordoba was better, anyway). You show a Gremlin GT, but talk about the '77 Gremlin; in '77 there was no GT, it was called the Gremlin X. That model of Dodge Magnum, produced in 78-9, never had a "357" model or racing stripes. Because of safety and oppressive smog regulations, there was hardly a car between 1972 and 1986 that was worth a tinker's damn, acceleration-wise (with a few excpetions, of course). thejunkman, below, is 100% correct in his assessment of this video. Why would you even waste your time? We all watched it because it's a train wreck, and that's the only reason, in case you're wondering.

  16. selerim says:

    Remember that in the 70s, government strictly order auto company to tough it up emissions. They added lots of components to the huge V8 engines that results is loss of power and performance. What makes you think the 70s muscle cars are slower compare to modern inline 4 Honda and Toyotas

  17. jack Macer says:

    316 Dodge!?! These videos are clearly done by people who know nothing about cars. Seriously, check out there other vids they're full of Motors/ "facts" that never existed!?! Lol….
    love how all the examples of the cars they speak of are obviously modified and don't look or sound too slow anymore, lol….

  18. O.G. R/H says:

    This video is a waste of title

  19. Some of those muscle cars are in Forza Horizon 3 and 4, including Forza Motorsport 7.

  20. If you are going to do a video about cars at least have you're ducks in a row. Quack!

  21. mark Rogers says:

    They also had a 401cc.

  22. This all has the wrong info

  23. Tyler Vogel says:

    Okay the 1974 gtos are not gtos

  24. These aren't muscle cars. These are atrophy cars.

  25. Jerry Pierce says:

    To be totally honest, these ridiculously, outrageous muscle cars have now become some of the coolest, rarest and most saught after 70's muscle cars ever. Bringing back memories of what the muscle wars were all about. Laugh if you want, but you know if you had a chance to get one of these gems, you would.

  26. Flint rock says:

    If you remember the 70s you werent there

  27. Flint rock says:

    All these cars looked good. Great compared to most the cars since. The lack of horse power wasnt the auto makers fault. Blame the government and their regulations that stole hp.

  28. Just try to find these cars now, nothing a crate motor wouldn't fix

  29. Amc guy has parkinsons or what? Hold the fucking camera still.

  30. 0:10 whoever thinks this is an ugly car obviously sold theirs in the 70's and regrets it

  31. That 2nd car, black… I love that look!…

  32. Billy Jack says:

    That old gto looks better than the new ones thats for sure.

  33. jack rohde says:

    The GTO was as quick as the 60s ones it's only slower because the rear gear ratio was a 3.08 and the 60s was standard with a 3.55 of 3.73 4.10 in road testing! The 75 gto had a higher top speed and say better mpg!

  34. Mechknight73 says:

    These are absolute shockers! Next time you run a list of muscle cars, step outside of America. Ford Australia took both the Windsor 302 and 351 Cleveland and added a great deal more horsepower by their own modifications. If you haven't heard of the 2V and 4V heads, you should find out. Then there's the infamous Barra turbo 6 cylinder. Drop one into a late model (or even early model) Mustang, and you have a missile. Some have even put a stock 2016 Mustang against a 2016 with a stock Barra 6, and the difference demonstrates why it wasn't allowed to play in America. Was just too quick

  35. the 400 should have been the motor I like this better than the 73

  36. Hi-Fidude66 says:

    No wonder these are lame as shit, after oil crisis everything was like that. Cadillac 500 engine started with 400 horses and 2 years later was down to 170 something, total wack.

  37. [Redacted] says:

    The Gremlin wasn't intended to be a muscle car. Foreign brands like Toyota and Volks Wagon were making shitty little economy cars, so American Motors Corporation decided to make a car that was both economical and better than the foreign competition. Ford and Chevy saw what AMC did and copied them 2 years later with the Pinto and the Vega.

    The Gremlin was like a regular car but with the size and fuel efficiency of an economy car. It was most popular with young people who would hot rod them, go drag racing, do donuts, and popping wheelies. It was more popular among the Javelin AMX's target demographic than the Javelins were, AMC's real big muscle car besides the Rebel. AMC saw the popularity with kids and made racey editions like the Gremlin X and GT to be sporty.

  38. Alan Rankin says:

    Does anyone really leave these cars stock anyways?

  39. I have a 1976 cobra 2 mustang and it now has a built 351 windsor but it was pretty damn quick with the 302 and 4 speed. And the gremin X was a quick car btw

  40. Rob Wilson says:

    All these cars had emissions choked engines which is why they were slow. Not a fair comparison to other muscle cars.

  41. Some of these cars, like the mid-70’s Mustang could have had those low-ish power numbers but still been good performance cars by shaving off a little more weight, and putting the emphasis on handling.
    If you took a 78 Volvo coupe and it’s ordered it’s top engine and performance package, you’d still get a car with only 180hp but it was a joy to drive, especially on the country /coastal roads.

    These cars are big tanks with bad automatic shifters and awkward handling. So without the power for the big highways they become complete dogs.
    Only the top trans-am/camero/firebird and corvettes were really offering anything for the American public at this time, at least in the way of performance.

  42. yeah, the '74 GTO was just a rebadged Chevy Nova. They were still fun to drive tho. Pontiac made engines with lots of low end torque

  43. another useless list, by someone who has absolutely no idea what there talking about

  44. I guess I’m the only one who liked the 74 GTO?

  45. Rickertsred says:

    None of these were ever considered muscle cars.

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