8 Great American Muscle Cars Wagons


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This video features 7 Great American Muscle Cars Wagons. If you wanna see 8 Great American Muscle Cars Wagons watch this video and hit the like button.


22 Replies to “8 Great American Muscle Cars Wagons”

  1. dale brown says:

    Come on were all the 2 door wagons at

  2. steve thomas says:

    Tom Cotter, Barn Find, found and purchased a '67 Ford Country Squire 427 with a 4 speed.  Absolutely amazing. At 11 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKjWKq5Hsfo

  3. Gary Langley says:

    I had a '58 Edsel Roundup wagon in the 70's. It had the 361 Edsel engine and a Holly 4 barrel carb. This was a light weight 2 door wagon. It was the same body as the 57 Ford Del Rio wagon that came with a 6. During part of the 58 production run, the cams in the 361 weren't made right, and they would go flat. Ford had a recall, and used a Ford 352 Police Interceptor cam as a replacement, and I'm pretty sure that my wagon had one. It was dang fast. It would leave Vettes and Camaros in the dust, and there is nothing obscure about a turquoise Edsel wagon.

  4. wordreet says:

    Mmmm, gotta love wagons! I can get all my gear in the back. :¬P

  5. JLSTHERAT says:

    ford "torino" wagon was missing

  6. Eric Teeter says:

    Ford had 428 wagon Hagerty found a 1 of 1 four speed.
    Chevy never had a 325 that would have been 327. Oldsmobile had 455 in 1970, not 454 as Chevy.

  7. Reported as pornographic content

  8. Yeah okay. A couple of wagons in there that, if left stock, wouldn’t be too embarrassing to drive daily. But almost all of these are pathetic white trashy gas guzzling ego boosting ugly pieces of retro garbage.

  9. My Uncle Max had a Rambler Wagon in the early 60s that could blow the doors off of any stock hotrod on the streets back in the day. I used to ride with him 'doing the loop' in Elkhart, Indiana when I was 14. I've always liked station wagons since then. '68 Chrysler with 383 and a '70 Chrysler with 440 dual 4bbls. Excellent cars to neuter the stud puppies back then.

  10. Chuck Gates says:

    1.44 sounded weaker than sweet water

  11. ……….I remember in 1978…..Going to the junkyard, paying $20 for springs out of a Chevelle wagon, heading to a tire shop and buying 4 Firestone Super Sports (blems) on sale, g- 60s on the back, which they put on 4 fat, steel, sanded and painted black $5 junkyard rims. (white letters OUT)……….when they dropped the lift….FNaaay……..PERFECT. My 71 Chevelle coupe jacked in the ass, and tons of rubber…right out of CARtoons ! 1970's Discount teen crap-shoot success story.

  12. Machine Man says:

    Father had a 72 Torino Wagon with a 351C

  13. muscle cars are not 4 door dumb ass this dude knows nothing
    whats wrong with kids these days

  14. MURR DOG says:

    What no "70" dodge cornet

  15. it's true says:

    I never thought I'd wish I had a station wagon.

  16. Jeff Ramsay says:

    Too bad Clark's car wasn't as well equipped! That would be a vacation

  17. junior third says:

    Vista cruiser has to be the prettiest

  18. You can build a muscle car out of anything if you put enough engine under the hood. I have a 600 rwh 1979 Chevy 1/2 ton standard cab shortbed 2 wheel drive truck, and it is carbureted. It will easily outrun any of the 1960s/1970s factory muscle cars, and does not use any new technology to do it. Those cars came off the assembly line. My engine/drivetrain was painstakingly hand built out of the best parts, with perfect clearances. Plus I have suspension and tires that can get the power to the road.

  19. Keith Clark says:

    Ltd 429
    4v wagon

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