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Best Sounding. Muscle cars madness sound 2018 #2 #musclecarsound #bestmusclecars #bigenginespower.



  1. Tariq Minto says:

    What kind of photo you have on your channel please change it

  2. خدا لعنت کنه آخوندها رو

  3. Dave Pawson says:

    Three things I love to hear. Jet engines spooling up, turbos and whiny blowers asking to mash the pedal.

  4. D Burns says:

    When will you morons learn to video in horizontal NOT vertical? Thumbs down.

  5. SS Nightser says:

    Clickbait b***** where is the 01 General

  6. 6:50 plum crazy purple!!! OMG

  7. 6:35 Orange you going to need new tires!!!

  8. ZEROFUX says:

    Lol mustang is a pony car. Not muscle.

  9. I must have missed when 5.0 became big.

  10. God I love your videos 😁, I always love the sound of pure American Muscle 😎

  11. Scott Rivett says:

    5:33 that is a machine full of hate

  12. i love them all camaros chargers challengers and mustangs new and old all are cool in my book

  13. Most of these death traps are so fugly!

  14. Motori exstra non da relli, ottimi motori. 😉

  15. totally 100% stock lmao i failed no nut november😍😂🙈 00:15

  16. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeeeeeeee

  17. SourTube says:

    0:57 sounds like an rc car.

  18. Tim Diehl says:

    0:45 prof that Mustangs want to kill you.. AGAIN!

  19. Jeremy King says:

    Looks like boss hog gained a few more and sat on the roof

  20. Oh the ardasity those cars have to make the street eat the tires. LOVE IT

  21. sublimeracer says:

    The 2nd generation Camaros are looking good in this vid

  22. 5 51 скока жрет кто знает???

  23. 3 30 забери мой деньги за это МУСТАНГ

  24. Pedro Lino says:

    Zica pra pora👊👊😈

  25. 08wolfeyes says:

    Neighbours must really love some of these people, lol!
    They must also go through so many tired too.

  26. 😱😱😱😱😱😵☠

  27. Brad Kynoch says:

    Torana at Summer Nats

  28. el magnífico 💪💪💪💪💪

  29. Old cars have way more cooler exhaust sound as compare to new cars.

  30. Kevin Stout says:

    @4:20…yep, it made her wet!!

  31. vmaxpowered says:

    will the turd at 1:57 give his dads car back to him

  32. Ella Hansson says:

    IF 400 km not is enough

  33. Why show mustang's there crowd killers

  34. George Lay says:

    It is true, an import will never beat muscle

  35. Peter Lee says:

    Hi .Im in UK .i dont do Doe/nuts or Burn/outs in My Monaro 6.0 V8. Coss over here they Cost me 135pounds each.?

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