Hot Wheels Muscle Cars – Mopar Collection


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Hello, this is my hot wheels Muscle Cars collection! Mopar : Plymouth, Dodge and AMC featured in this video! Check out my others video to see more cars of my …


10 Replies to “Hot Wheels Muscle Cars – Mopar Collection”

  1. Where's The 69 Dodge Charger Daytona Cars?

  2. Me too i got those Muscle mopar Vehicle

  3. STX Pro says:

    Dahm and I thought I had alot of Mopar not compared to this

  4. Comrade says:

    Challengers, Chargers, Darts, Coros, 300C, Roadrunners, and GTXs, my special!

  5. Calin Masca says:

    You are the best The KingRacer007.With respect Călin

  6. no views four likes how?

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