Modern Autobody Repair Techniques


Body Repair

This is an excerpt from the DVD ‘Autobody Repair w/ Mark Matson’. Matson has been repairing vehicles professionally for over 35 years. If you like this, be sure …

45 Replies to “Modern Autobody Repair Techniques”

  1. Royston Hare says:

    Nothing modern about this technique

  2. what a fucking douchebag. please just never talk again

  3. Al Castillo says:

    Jonathan Guevara, your comments I agree! I'm a body/frame Technician for 30-plus years

  4. Al Castillo says:

    looking at these comments makes me sick. They think their way is the only right way, but they're wrong.

  5. Al Castillo says:

    Rage bondo is junk. 3M Platinum -plus is #1!!!

  6. Bo Jackson says:

    at 2:42 he says boy i sure ok alot dont i. had me cracking up

  7. Bo Jackson says:

    i sure okay a lot dont i lmao

  8. David Black says:

    I have shook like that all of my life. You just get used to working with it. Until someone mentions it or asks why are you shaking. KEEP YOUR EYES ON YOUR OWN PAPER!

  9. Jamal Swiss says:

    where da fuck be part 2?

  10. ⬅⬅⬅🔙🔙🔙🔙🔙🔙
    the Mark of the beast
    don't put your right hand in any machine
    apocalypse 14: 9-10-11↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖↖

  11. Checking out the link right now. Good video

  12. Whoever made this video is a fucking retard…. Smmfh

  13. wouldn't suggest cardboard unless you want your filler contaminated with the hairs from cardboard.

  14. Sam G says:

    Do not change the amount of hardener based on ambient temp. You need a 50:1 ratio at all times with most fillers for proper curing. This is basic chemistry. If it's warm outside keep the filler cool until you need to mix it. This will give you more time to work it. Conversely, if it's cold, keep it warm until you need to mix it. And for shade, why not just back it into the garage that is right behind the car???

  15. Good job on the video. And your right about the great tip using a sheetrock hawk because it works fantastic.

  16. As an auto body technician I was taught my whole career that it is better to put on thick coats. In a body shop if your boss saw you putting on coat after coat he would lose his mind. that shit has to get primed and painted and there's no time to screw around with mixing up 15 different layers of body filler. get your metal straight, no thicker than a 1/4 inch of mud, sand that shit straight and send it to the painter. This is a money making business and they only give you so much time. Oh and this guy is doing it right by the way.

  17. I surer ok a lot don't I… ok here we go …. lol old guy kinda funny

  18. soo u want to me  lick the bond boul after its mixed properly??

  19. Archie Megel says:

    Pin holes come from a lot of different areas
    Mixing stirring it to quick or adding to much harder or not pressing " and it depends on what type of filler your using " bondo sucks , rage extreme by ever coat is boss

  20. Jim Thiemann says:

    . . . . . . . Wished he would have finished the video, instead of stopping midway through !!

  21. Doesn't matter how hard you push down you will always get a few pinholes ! and i agree applied to thick bugger blocking that down !

  22. archie megel says:

    Bondo is crap, I use RAGE EXSTRRM BY EVERCOAT , it's the best

  23. Wrong he shouldve feathered the edges gave himself more room

  24. Luis Moreno says:

    Man! You Americans are so lucky to have better body filler found in automotive stores. Here in Mexico, all the good stuff is expensive, where as all the cheap crap is inexpensive. This cheap filler I have, gets so many pinholes and mixed spots, doesn't even touch 3M quality.

  25. dh190852 says:

    Plastic spreaders designed for body-filler are the best. For mixing I use a flat glass tray from a micro-wave. Hardened filler can be scraped off with a razor-blade scraper.

  26. các bạn sơn thì đẹp nhưng bả thì không đẹp

  27. MrSKSkill says:

    I liked the bowl of filler. It did not taste like mamma's cake.

  28. grind down bondo again? any idea how much that shit costs.. its like 20 dolars for a little amout..if your gona do autobody.. and you have dents… please.. remove as many as possible or tap them out… saves you money on bondo AND time for sanding it all down again with a DA..

  29. what i do, what the, the reason they put, give you, colored hardner, what, the reason they give you color,……..omg learn to talk lmao

  30. richie rich says:

    you wanna lick the bowl

  31. Pookatube says:

    Is aluminum flashing with alumaloy a better alternative to bondo in rust repair?

  32. josue93091 says:

    #1 you dont put mud over paint
    #2 you dont use a putty spatula to lay mud (spreader buddy)
    #3 it was hardening up on you
    #4 it was driping every where

    YOU SUCK!!!!

  33. OH MY GOD , Maako / earl shibe body work. s.m.h That's what's wrong with America, people want a job done as fast and as CHEAP as possible. Not much is done RIGHT any more, QUALITY of work suffers so PAY suffers so ECONOMY suffers. The tittle should read (Modern Autobody Repair MISTAKE's)

  34. lolfast says:

    This old timer is good. Mixing well, appliying well, and good video all together.

  35. jw200 says:

    What the hell is "bondo"?

  36. ACLTony says:

    @misskels1056 – Excuse me son, why the nasty language? I've run a body shop, very successfully. I never called you a mud man and was referring to the use and abuse of polyester body filler.

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