Muscle cars in Dazed and Confused


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1970 Pontiac GTO ,1970 Chevrolet Chevelle, 1973 Plymouth Duster, 1974 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am SD-455 in Dazed and Confused, 1993 AA.


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  1. Johnny Yum says:

    This nailed it for us 70s High schoolers. Except for the silly paddling shit.

  2. 05gtdriver says:

    Melba Toast has the wrong sticker on the air cleaner lid, 1970 LS5 SS454 Chevelle's were rated at 360hp while the big daddy LS6 SS454 had 450hp. That 390HP sticker is for a base L36 427 Corvette from 1966-1969…..

  3. Gimme Shelter live at Altamont is a very fitting soundtrack to the destruction of such a fine Mopar.

  4. Quentin 33 says:

    What had wider tires Clint's Trans Am or Wooderson's Chevelle SS ?

  5. Peter R says:

    Don’t forget the Black 1970 SuperBird at the drive in, of course Plymouth never made a Black SuperBird

  6. Dr. Wierd says:

    1:59 what is the song playing in the background

  7. Quentin 33 says:

    What kind of car did Clint have? Trans-Am?

  8. RANS87IROCZ says:

    one of the coolest introduction to a movie ever that car and sweet emotions

  9. What is the song playing when train crashers into a car?

  10. Are all these songs in soundtrack? Or did you edit them in?

  11. 88rock X says:

    Pontiac GTO 1970 👍👍👏👏👏

  12. WTF?? This was cool…til you showed the MOST BEAUTIFUL CHARGER explode!! NOOO!!

  13. SRT8Driver says:

    oh for the love of GOD why!! why!!! who in the HELL ordered that GTO with a vinyl top!!! they take so much away from the cars streamlined looks!!! it's like she's cut in half or something….you can get away with that shit in a legit convertible at least!

    ugh!! those things basically create rust 'n mayhem under there! I NEVER UNDERSTOOD VINYL TOPS!! NEVER!

  14. I also saw a Firebird 455 Super Duty in there.

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