Simple Lead Repair


Body Repair

You can do lead repair with simple items from a hardware store. how to do lead body work taking the lead to work with the lord for the body where to buy lead for …

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  1. Tomas Arnos says:

    What about bigger holes, where you doesnt have inner metal plate. For example in rocker panels. Using lead too?

  2. K B says:

    Uh oh. Now I'm OVER-confident.

  3. Jesus Garcia says:

    Hey pete this is a cool trick. thanks for showing m this. I will definitely try this on my restoration. hey is it ok to use the lead bars from an old car battery? I have a bunch of them on a warehouse that I purchased and never thought of using them for anything. the battery's are so old the plastic cases are deteriorating  and are exposing the lead inside. just wondering.

  4. ACE Eagleson says:

    I tried the soldering technique on the cast metal light housing on my 65 mustang. I used lots of flux, but solder won't stick. Could anyone provide some advice? Thanks.

  5. Granite says:

    What are the chances I can get this to work on pot metal?

  6. v6 ftmfl says:

    wow really cool old skill trick btw awesome shirt! I'm gunna try this 2mro!

  7. Bob Eagle says:

    why didn t you warn about warping body panels with too much heat?

  8. GreenPedal says:

    For 40 years I've been soldering. I never knew flux lowered the melting point of solder. I understood the melting point of solder was determined by the tin lead ratio.

  9. Nightster says:

    When soldering steel I find you get a much better flow and adherence to the steel if you use Bakers Fluid No3. Why do Americans pronounce solder as sober?

  10. Guy says:

    Wow thanks so much for sharing that. Awesome video.

  11. Evie masters says:

    Really great, going to try this on my old classic, thanks

  12. Nirky says:

    "The flux lowers the melting point of the solder." No, has nothing to do with melting point..
    Flux acts as an anti-oxidant, allowing for better wetting (melding of the two metals).

  13. How did you neutralize the acid from the flux?

  14. hunkydude322 says:

    in vocationl school we got a crash course on body solder, but for the most part we used plastic body filler.

  15. hunkydude322 says:

    or you could use fiber glass filler and fill both sides of the hold, and finish it off with regular plastic body filler and prime and paint and should last longggg time, it would be faster too. good video tho.

  16. A says:

    Now I have some holes to fill from a mirror so like screw holes. Is this a better method than using a wire feed welder?

  17. victor gamez says:

    Great vid Pete. Could you provide the brand of lead you are using?

  18. LSUTigerMom says:

    I have a large lead flower pot that was round and when it was emptied of the dirt and flowers for moving it, the sides caved in slightly overnight!. Do you know what can be done to make sides go back to standing up straight? I want it to go back to original shape. I haven't seen anything on Youtube. Hopefully it can be reshaped to normal. Thanks for any advice!

  19. Does paint stick to it good

  20. sly cat says:

    Great thanks. I inherited an old tool box belonged to my dad, in process of restoring, going to use this process in filling in some screw holes he made that don't belong…thanks again.

  21. That was just what I was looking for, the facts and no shit. Thank you sir.

  22. Thank I have some trim work that needs leading. On the back widow frame Always wondered if you can do it

  23. Mad Mix says:

    What do you recommend as a primer over this repair, great vid by the way…

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