Top Ten Muscle Cars Of The 60’s And 70’s


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Auto enthusiasts consider the ’60s and ’70s to be the golden eras for the American car industry, since the muscle cars at that time were not only growing in sheer …


10 Replies to “Top Ten Muscle Cars Of The 60’s And 70’s”

  1. Adam Ramirez says:

    THE CHEVELLE was the 🐐

  2. No Australian muscle cars featured, bummer.

  3. what about the vega it's about as rare as the Shelby there's only 500 left and my grandpa has one

  4. john burry says:

    I agree with "proden20"(more like oversize hunks of junk)…they are junk and good for nothing I use to own some of these as well let me recap my experience, over heating, no start, hard to start, stall, burn oil, running to lean, running to rich and stink like a lawn mower and unsafe if you got in an accident ….always some kind of fuck'n problem or adjustment had to work on them every weekend for something then after 5- 6 years they were all rusted out. Just useless big ugly fuck'n unreliable junks. I'm glad there gone. Sure today's cars are plastic but they work and are reliable 99% of the time. Those garbage 60-70 junks would never make it to 250,000- 300,000 miles like today's cars.

  5. Luke B says:

    Sorry but really none of these embody muscle car culture what about novas impalas cougars and the few that were mentioned were the wrong years sorry but not impressed

  6. Eric Kort says:

    69 yenko nova with 427/450 hp  can go 0-60 under 4.8 seconds…37 produced only 7-10 in existence…2 are red

  7. you forgot the dodge charger daytona.

  8. No buick gsx? 👎 525+ ft lbs from the factory

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