13 ’80s Muscle Cars Every Car Guy Should Know About //


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30 Replies to “13 ’80s Muscle Cars Every Car Guy Should Know About //”

  1. Hey guys, if you liked this video please check out this edit we did! 71' Chevrolet El Camino // Clean & Shiny – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6Mo_9gVrIk&t=8s

  2. whiptech says:

    Nothing back then could touch the Grand National (shown in this video), especially the GNX (not shown in this video)


  3. Mike flynn says:

    How can you have a video on 80's muscle.. and not have a 5.7 Iroc-Z?

    The Car was literally the 80's personified.

  4. Ted Murray says:

    I turned 20 in 1980. the 80s were a depressing time for car enthusiasts. Except for maybe the GNX and a few of the 5 liter ford/mercury products it was all pretty pathetic. I bought an 83 pontiac grand prix new with a 305 4 bbl V8. The thing could hardly get out of its own way. Just a piece of junk any way you want to measure it. Thank God that decade is long behind us.

  5. Man your first Trans Am is not a Turbo Trans am It is a 400 Pontiac with the W26 Handling Package. The Turbo model did not have a shaker hood it Had a much nicer looking hood with the rise housing the lights for boost levels and the rims were way different. In mu opion one of the nest looking TA ever especially if in white dove gray and crimson with the recaro option. Also glad to see the Capri in here especially first one as it was a ASC/Mcalleren model, I was fortunate enough to have had about half the cars on your list. Shame youdidny have a pick of the Hurst/Olds Lighting Rods that were standard also my Hurst/p had the chevy 5.0 HO engine instead of the Olds 307. Great video

  6. MrLeonightis says:

    The Dodge Omni GLHs goes like hell ! Dusting off IROCS what riot that car was! :-p

  7. Some nice cara in there! But i dont think you know what miscle car means. There were some weak 4 cylinders in there and on boost which is the complete opposite of a miscle car

  8. you forgot thunderbird SC

  9. I988 Ford Thunderbird! Beautiful car!, the aerodynamics were way ahead of the rest! Bill Elliott seriously kicked some chevy ass!!!

  10. What about ‘89 turbo supra? I owned one back in the day, white with white rims. Not quite as fast as some of these cars, but far greater quality

  11. All these cars sound like they have an exhaust leak !

  12. Billy Jack says:

    #8 Zimmer Quicksilver? Mandela effect? Never heard of it.

  13. Half these cars were Corvetted, Can't step on Corvettes toes at GM, I think they should have just made the Vette better instead of getting rid of everything that made it look bad. RIP Syclone, I know the Sy wasn't from the 80's but the early 90's and suffered the same fate as all these other GM cars that had the audacity to outperform the vette.

  14. The Creeper says:

    Burn outs are so fucking stupid…

  15. wolvieguy says:

    What's sad is the 80s had a lot of nice modern takes on the old muscle car and you could tell if the engines were built to their full potential instead of being tuned to make low power and get gas mileage they would have made great platforms for performance like the gm G bodies and all the cars that ran on the Ford fox platform but it's a shame that some of those v8s made less horsepower than a damn modern day Honda civic about the only car from the 80s with balls was Buick Grand national.

  16. riverralph says:

    I stopped it when they claimed a 301 turbo trans am was a muscle car

  17. What utter pieces of shit. My 1989 lancer gsr had a 1600 4cyl turbo and had as much power as these shitboxes and half the weight. No wonder the American car business has gone down the toilet.

  18. Nick Hines says:

    Must say everyone of those 80's cars are pieces of shit, I feel sorry for you you suckers, bow your head to the Acura TL, thank you Japan for making something Detroit will never make, and that's called superior quality!!!

  19. Many don’t have the muscle . To be muscle cars

  20. Why the fuck music on a car video…engine lol

  21. The added music ruins this…

  22. TucoChannel says:

    I have a brilliant idea, let's make a video, and audio, of classic 80's cars, and put loud gay music over it.

  23. JR G says:

    The Lincoln Mark 8s had the high performance 5 liter engines. The 1984 to 86 SVO mustangs were very cool too, but too expensive in the 1980s to become popular sellers. Most of us bought the cheaper and faster 5 liter mustangs and Capris. The SVOs are definitely collectable now because they had special suspension that regular mustangs did not have, also huge brakes! This was a road-racing car and would still be a cool toy to have.

  24. Alvin McDole says:

    Great video. A good friend of mine in Brooklyn had an 87' GNX. NICE CAR!!!! Just called him to tell him about the posting. It really brought back some good memories. Thanx again

  25. Tim Nkl says:

    You forgot the 1989 Dodge Shadow Turbo , or even the Shelby Dodge Shadow , both were pretty impressive , of course back in the day .

  26. Steven Hicks says:

    The Omni isn't a muscle, the Fiero isn't muscle nor is the Quicksilver. Smh

  27. Clint Moran says:

    Why add the GNX, if the content doesn't feature one? Both clips featured in that segment are non-GNX, Buick Grand Nationals.

  28. The Trans Am is NOT unloved. There is literally a huge following of them, still, from Smokey and the Bandit.

  29. passtime79 says:

    the gnx had 300 hp, motor trend tested one years ago, also i read that the 89 turbo ta used the gnx engine. why not include the callaway turbo corvettes people could buy them at chevy dealerships and they were the fastest cars in the world in the late 80s. good video, i always love to see the cars i wanted when i was a kid in action.

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