1. Joe R says:

    There's an old Dart Swinger parked near my local airport. Been sitting there for years. Never moved. It has such good potential. I wish I had some money to spend. I'd find the owner and offer to buy it.

  2. Ray Flower says:

    Toretto would like this

  3. D says:

    Old school was Man and machine were in tune with each other. Getting the most from your machine with your own engineering. Today's machines are only within reach of the wealthy and all the engineering has been done by college boy's who never got their hands dirty. Looks to me like Old School just taught new School a lesson. Hell I guarantee you put a supercharger and slicks on a 1970 real hemi cuda, it will embarrass a hellcat.

  4. The old ones definitely were heavily modified. Because it was tough to get a 12 second car stock in the old ones . I love the old cars too, but if the old ones were stock,it would have been the other way around for sure !

  5. The guys with the old cars been doin the tree for a while. there gettin a jump.

  6. Steve Riddle says:

    Hey Dodge fix it again Tony

  7. Thomas Smith says:

    Someone clearly jumped the gun

  8. Bout shit ma pants when that modern super bee Charger took the hell off in front that older dodge towards the end. Was it a Coronet?

  9. Fred Garvin says:

    Fastest old Mopar stock vehicle was:

    1963 Belvedere hardtop.
    18 built.
    426 cubic inch powerhouse, 415 HP….102 octane needed.
    12.69 at 111.97 mph, 34 degrees of advance!

  10. Jet Mrs says:

    Old school 😍😍😍💪💪🤙🤙🤙🤙

  11. Goerge Bent says:

    These new punks got it fucked up Muscle Cars old school American Made

  12. Korie Creson says:

    Camera man. U had 1 job,

  13. Ray Lamp says:

    Mopar! Move Over People Are Racing. get you fluid leaking Dodge back on the trailer son!

  14. Jenna Carr says:

    My score card says shade tree mechanics can put together old cars to beat new ones

  15. GODS CHILD says:

    Dang! It's like the old Mopars jump/leap out of the traps. Crazy Hp!👈😮

  16. Fred Garvin says:

    Old cars have no chance against modern technology.

  17. yshx x says:

    what a shitty cameraman!!!!!!!

  18. Les Rosin says:

    Seems like some of the newer car drivers stalled the green. Man that green Dart or ? at 3:40,,, ssssiiiiggghhhhhhh

  19. Old muscle launch waaaay harder than new muscle.

  20. Jerk Jiggler says:

    Some of those drivers in the newer cars aren't even trying hard enough.


  22. guerrerok90 says:

    Takes a mopar to catch a mopar

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