32 Replies to “1968 Dodge Charger – American Muscle Car (Pro Street)”

  1. xFlow777 says:

    All that HP and nowhere to go

  2. Tim Travasos says:

    That is such a wicked looking body! Wow

  3. The Holley airscoop isnt working I don't see it moving

  4. Harvester says:

    Charger is the king of muscle cars

  5. Super Beast says:

    Thing is insain!!!!

  6. Hubert P5 says:

    Jakie za tym złomem stoi chevrolet bel air

  7. AtomicMatt says:

    Charger and Bel Air is my favorites tho

  8. Жаль, что такого уже не делают….

  9. Samlez says:

    this is real American Power.

  10. love the car but it must suck for the owners of these cars that any normal guy can lease a hellcat that will blow his doors off not to mention how any electric tesla will make it look like a joke. the old muscle cars are a thing of the past.

  11. Jason Cb says:

    Gta 5 custom ! 😃

  12. Fefe Mekram says:

    should have made a stock look… dem side exhausts and bumpers are for female dogs like Civics

  13. Louder than my girlfriend last night…

  14. A tesla is faster tho

  15. Alpha ONE says:

    Hey dumb ass u could of pointed camera that way when he did burn out😑 I mean you did whole time until then.

  16. Them Zoomies lookin fresh 👌

  17. RJ says:

    Domnich and his team 😐

  18. wow keren…saya suka mobil unik

  19. Carro fantástico… emblemático!!

  20. the future says:

    you couldn't stay with the charger? tease

  21. É de arrepiar mano muito top

  22. Mincenchez says:

    All id change is the splitter up front and extend the spoiler along the whole back

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