Exotics & Muscle Cars Leaving Houston Cars and Coffee September 2016


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Always a pleasure to attend Houston’s Cars and Coffee to check out all of the sick rides! Memorial City Mall 8:00am-10:00am First Saturday of each month …


40 Replies to “Exotics & Muscle Cars Leaving Houston Cars and Coffee September 2016”

  1. CCKILLER 00 says:

    Did anyone notice that somewhere around the beginning there was a Cadillac Sixteen with a Hennessy badge? It makes me wonder something, why would anyone would people badge a car into something that it's not? I don't think that was the only car though, I thought I may have saw some others.

  2. sas g says:

    The kid wearing blue @3:10 runs away from the mustang lmao

  3. How is it that when I lived in Houston I didn’t see any of these kinds of cars LOL!

  4. How is it that when I lived in Houston I didn’t see any of these kinds of cars LOL

  5. Crimson Idol says:

    Im so sick of GTRs! Am i the only one?

  6. 0:46 Ultima GTR , and tht previous red car idk also 😀

  7. tonelow5 says:

    Ur videos are awesome bro !!!!!!

  8. Sang says:

    Lol after seeing a bunch of videos of cars running into the crowd. I know my ass won’t be standing by the side walk watching. Y’all can find me on the tree watching 😂

  9. 2:50 those people are walking in the middle of the street

  10. Mike White says:

    mustangs are great for drawing crowds….then running into them…

  11. Cory R says:

    To be honest the Z06 and Hellcat sounded the best. Better than the Lambos I think.

  12. snvff xxx says:

    that black huracan at the end.. beautu

  13. 1:47 the viper almost took the guy head off with its wing

  14. Caleb Ayala says:

    where the fuck are the burnouts

  15. was those panoz or however you say it

  16. SI RICKO says:

    Everyone with the same bull shit =/

  17. Bass Junky says:

    Oklahoma is trash lol, but I did see 3 ferraris, an Audi R8, a couple vipers and some type of Lamborghini

  18. those two black cars are untima gtrs

  19. 4:14 lambo sounds brutal goddam

  20. Did he say that the Under ground racing Lamborghini was slow? 0:54

  21. Man that plum crazy purple hellcat in the beginning was sexy as hell

  22. Trap Farm says:

    everyone rolling out like a dousche

  23. how would I be able to know when the cars and coffee are going on. anyone know

  24. Cmillis003 says:

    Peep the kid running away when the mustang starts getting crossed up 3:12 😂

  25. WildWill2 says:

    how does this guy not know what an ultima gtr is

  26. Dre Ray says:

    3:57…That all black C7 ZO6!! Good Lord!

  27. Isaac Howell says:

    Here's the PERFECT gift for any Cars and Coffee fan! Please check it out. Thanks!

  28. Joshua says:

    3:10 dude in blue running from the mustang lol

  29. i laughed so hard because the exotics that have twice the power mustangs have arent peeling out and being retarded if mustang drivers wouldnt try and show off and just leave in style noone would have this issue

  30. Mark Gardner says:

    I like how the blue corvette wasn't even in there

  31. What kind of exhaust is on the charger at 5:08 ??

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