Best of Muscle Cars ( Crash & Fail 13 ) ( Pure Sound ) (HD) We are back!


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31 Replies to “Best of Muscle Cars ( Crash & Fail 13 ) ( Pure Sound ) (HD) We are back!”

  1. No-prep track? No thanks…

  2. CG KUCH says:

    Fkn dumb rustang drivers!

  3. Jd Steinbach says:

    That Buick was a bad one.

  4. Rob Joyner says:

    At 3:30 the guy has a track the size of 4 football fields and can't manage to keep it off the wall….

  5. joshua helm says:

    what I have learned from all these is that mustang drivers suck

  6. The orange car (Camaro) no way, that was not a Mustang, only mustangs make that kind of stupid.

  7. lewis jones says:

    not that good of a film. there are better ones from 24/7

  8. MrOliverock says:

    All you need to know if it is a Mustang it will have a magnetic attraction to the wall cause there is a big tool driving it.

  9. Aaron Lappe says:

    That 5.0 mustang did a sweet burn out on the clutch

  10. When in trouble
    1. Give more gas
    2. Crank wheel

  11. Buying a new Stang and can't shift… LOL

  12. Was the Firebird actually going fast enough for tire spin? =)

  13. sam jones says:

    When someone crashes on a track, well that's just their dumb ass, but when they crash on the street ..pure squirrel!

  14. kron tlou says:

    RUSTANG owners are biggest dipshits that try to race there little 300hp. cars.

  15. Those tards doing burnouts near the end are the lowest form of car guys. Complete trash.

  16. D B says:

    4:37 Quick, all losers run up and take a picture!

  17. Trowa says:

    If you can't drive in a straight line without somehow crashing, you need to crush the car and burn your license

  18. Death Proof says:

    WTF was wrong with the Trans Am?

  19. Beau Cox says:

    .47 Local track Lassiter Mountain.

  20. gotta love those good old mustangs

  21. Mike Grover says:

    I rebuild cars for a living and I LOVE watching these morons with no safety training act totally incapable of controlling their over muscled engines and substandard suspensions. Better they crash now thean kill others on the highway. Take some safety classes morons!

  22. this fucking shit is boring

  23. this fucking shit is boring

  24. M240B says:

    Almost none of these are muscle cars

  25. David 68 says:

    Wasted my time watching two of these now.

  26. jenbill1602 says:

    Everyone stay in your seats? Has everyone been jumping out of them and running to the wreck Ahahahahahaha!

  27. I wonder how helpful some fat old redneck is gonna be after running drunk at top speed for 1/4 mile.

  28. Korie Creson says:

    Did you notice the color of the skin on the shitty drivers. I'm just saying stereotypes are for a reason

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