DIY How To Bondo Auto Body Repair (Tips and Tricks) To Prevent Common Problems with Body Filler


Body Repair

Auto body filler aka Bondo, polyester body filler, plastic filler, mud, etc. is used to fill small imperfections for auto body repair. A few common problems when …

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  1. WARNING : just to let Amateurs know… you should always wear a proper respirator + Goggles when sanding or painting etc… unless you like chronic chest problems or missing eye syndrome , i would also recommend overalls , ventilated area , gloves , steel toe boots , patience

  2. dj27nitro says:

    They did not teach me this in auto body

  3. I bet the painter kicked back that fender.

  4. i may have some questions later when i get ready to make the repairs to a 98 mustang gt.
    car has passenger side fender peeled back to front of passenger door however flared front edge of door and caused a circular wrinkle just under side mirror, replaced fender with used fender from a salvage yard which was perfect and not wrecked. any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

  5. henri says:

    Can you post a tips tricks for door seam sealer to get factory beed seams

  6. chris smith says:

    my bondo would be hard if i mixed that long. What am i doing wrong

  7. nick montoya says:

    he don't seem to confortable, slinging mud

  8. do the hard work of sanding make you sweating under all those clothses ? maybe you try wearing a shorts?

  9. i like watch you mixing .very exotic way. yes.

  10. Susanne Paul says:

    Wow, what a great and helpful video. I loved it. I'm curious why you dont use a power sander at all?

  11. How much does a good tech make

  12. RobTapps88 says:

    using bondo glass you get pinholes regardless of how you mix it.. just stir the shit.. regualr bondo or glazing puddy definitely need it like bread..

  13. Josiah H says:

    try mixing Bondo with that much hardener in the Georgia heat 😂

  14. Thank you so much for this video sir. I'm a rookie body tech assistant and my lead hasn't really taught me much about the techniques of body filler spreading and sanding. This helped a lot. Cheers and thumbs up!

  15. I laugh you can't use bondo for auto body for the other things we don't do on bondo that why people get wrong ideas about destroy bondo they don't reading in correct books need change otherwise red chrome hardener for other things …………………

  16. Dan Hadamik says:

    another tip… I found that the filler, even when cured. will be tacky on the surface, and ca clog your sand paper. A trick I came across, is to wipe it down with thinner before sanding. Saves on wasted sand paper

  17. Joe Lalock says:

    was looking good until you used the same spreader you mixed with to apply the filler. i never do this. i've been using 2 sometimes 3 spreaders when applying mud for over 25 years. why 3? one mixes it and gets set aside. the 2nd spreader i use to force the mud into the ground and sanded metal and gets set aside because ground metal will ruin the edge of a plastic spreader. 3rd spreader will apply the build coats.. and i always make sure i start with smooth edges on my spreaders by "sharpening " them with cardboard…try it, get the feel for it and you will never use sandpaper to smooth the edge on your spreader again. clean your spreaders as quickly as possible , with thinner. don't soak them in thinner or leave them in bondo as both will prematurely distort the spreader. i throw away more spreaders in a month than most people will use in a year. i'm anal about spreaders, i'm anal about mixing and i'm anal about applying filler. i go for perfection whether its a honda or a lexus or a harley or a pedal car.

  18. Rhapsheet says:

    can u use body filler over paint or primer if u ruff it up first? i got a bumper im working on its fiberglass though

  19. shakostarsun says:

    Very helpful video thank you.

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