The Differences Between Muscle And Pony Cars


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We’ve all heard the term ‘muscle car’ for a variety of rear-driven, V8-powered cars from ‘Murica. But is ‘pony car’ a more appropriate term in some cases?


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  1. I honestly don't care how they're called
    But one thing everyone has to admit no matter how much they hate American cars is that they've come a long way since the 60s especially the Mustang and the Camaro
    Everyone is saying how good they've become to drive and they're also faster than most of European cars which cost double the money let alone 60 000$
    The Challenger too but it's still too heavy and it's got too much power to be a pure driver's car

  2. Art87 Stang says:

    This has no idea about cars. His a retard.

  3. KDGCuber says:

    The differences between v8/v6 conservatives and liberalists

  4. The Kernel says:

    The non-normal models of these cars are in no way pony cars. Challenger is a pony car, until you get an svt model like the hellcat or rt. Mustang is the same until you get one of the gt models, ESPECIALLY the gt500 and gt350. Camaros are pony cars until you get the zl1, z28, 1le etc models. The base models of these cars are for people in mid-life their crisis, where as the more powerful models are for people who want muscle. American muscle.

  5. the best muscle cars ever are the 2018 dodge challenger SRT demon and the 1970 dodge charger

  6. The camaro is the best muscle car. That’s where I stand.

  7. The challenger is the only muscle car left

  8. **V** says:

    This video did not answer any question. Pony segment when created included the Mustang. And that is it for about 2 years. In the 2 year frame, the pony cars had 6 cylinder and V8 powerplants. Though the V8's were small and not until the big Boss had that segment seen a 400+ cubic inch engine. At that point- it was a muscle car.
    The pony segment wasn't much of a segment since compact 2-door sedans aka coupes were made before the introduction of the pony car… So there you have it- They are about as muscle cars as they can get.

  9. What abt the 2014 z28 thats a muscle car :p

  10. Dodge has been muscle and will always be muscle

  11. Eligh Brown says:

    Muscle is better but yeah the new generation of cars makes it hard for there to be muscle or pony cars

  12. Jabez_Kun says:

    I think that was ethan

  13. -Muscle car: Easy car to daily, Just so happens it hauls ass. Basically a one trick pony but not a pony.
    -Pony car: Just as much power but can do multiple things well.
    -Sports cars: can do every thing perfect but might be a bit harder to live with on a daily basis.

  14. my mustang with the performance package is a pony car. it can do multiple things well. a challenger can go in a straight line and thats about it so its a muscle car. the gt350 and zl1 are full on sports cars

  15. Because dodge, ford, and Chevy are the only manufacturers to ever produce muscle/pony cars. Sure, let’s not forget the 400/455 Pontiac GTO that never happened right. What? Never heard of it?

  16. Devin Dooley says:

    Uhhhh Mustang is definitely a muscle car

  17. Muscle cars are full size, whether 2 or 4 door, with massive power and size, pony cars are sports cars with a backseat and are not full size but have power… thus why the challenger is a muscle car and the camaro and mustang are pony cars….

  18. sigh a typical muscle car is larger and heavier than most cars and has high horse power (usually v8’s). They are not track focused cars rather they’re drag focused. Sports cars are a bit underclassed than pony cars but they are balanced with turning and horse power. Pony cars can be balanced but usually their ultimate goal is to get that peak track record with great v v8 horsepower and track performance. This means modern Cameros and Mustangs are pony cars and some of their earlier models are sports cars. Now once we start getting to the next level you’ll see that this class named super cars have great handling ,but have way and I mean way more acceleration and horsepower and speed than pony cars. Super cars are great if you don’t suddenly accelerate over 130-135mph on an average curve. They are usually large cars with decent weight and design is rather luxurious. Hyper cars have increased traction and have a lot of horse power a Bugatti is a good example of that. Track toys are very very very light weight cars that have fantastic handling but horse power is a little on the low side. Bac Mono is a good example of this.

  19. Impalas and galaxies weren't muscle cars. They were too big. And a challenger is a pony car. And pony car is a subcategory of a muscle car. All pony cars are muscle cars. A pony car is a muscle car with a long hood and short deck. And they showed examples of barracudas for both the muscle car and pony car argument. Lmao these jackasses don't know what they're talking about.

  20. You think a mustang is a pony car?? What???

  21. guerrerok90 says:

    Mopars are muscle everything else is pony simple as that

  22. Both are muscle ……….. v6 are not 😂

  23. Challengers are not boats. Like if you agree. Comment if you dont

  24. Dylan Nolan says:

    Camaros are luxury car mustans are pony cars and challengers are muscle

  25. john sailor says:

    Challenger =muscle car. Last gen mustang gt = pony car. Last gen gt500 = muscle car. Last gen camaro ss = muscle car. New gen mustang and camaro = sports cars

  26. Maxime Durez says:

    “..Small block eight cylinder and éven six cylinder engines”. Here we are now in Europe with stupid downsize three cylinder and four cylinder engines..

  27. plank nim says:

    Mucle cars are not just,American

  28. Listen dude. I helped my father restore our 1965 Ford Mustang and it is one heck of a mascot car

  29. Rusnacu says:

    vai de pula mea taurete

  30. Jose Pina says:

    That Camaro burnout at the end was awesome

  31. Dodge is muscle and can’t take a corner mustangs can take corners same with camaro so they are pony cars

  32. Prius is lighter than these cars

  33. Blurgamer 17 says:

    V8[Gearbox]——[RWD] = Muscle Car?
    Not anymore. Look at the Corvette and Viper Lines, they're considered SUPER Muscle.
    Pony cars are just too rare these days. We need a new one.

  34. Marcus Moto says:

    For me, the challenger is the only muscle car left. The camaro and mustang have put to much work into handling instead of the old fashion straight line performance. But the challenger hasn’t.

  35. If it looks Badass, has a strong V-8 or Straight-8 engine pumping out a lot of HP, it's a mussel car. Even pony cars can be made into mussel cars if given the right mods.

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