6 Replies to “American Muscle Car S03E13 Dodge Dart GTS”

  1. jenny adkins says:

    Do you have season 1 episodes 11 beep beep?

  2. ironhorse127 says:

    Great video. Would love to own a 68 or 69 Dart with either 340 or 383, 4 Speed with 3.90 rear.
    I would give up my 67 Malibu for one. Lol

  3. anon says:

    @ 5:53 – The car Chrysler turned to to match the Mustang was NOT the Dart – it was the original Barracuda, first released in 1964 1/2 – a cpl weeks before the release of the "65" Mustang. Not to be confused with the later produced E body 'Cuda musclecar, the Barracuda was an A body built off the Plymouth Valiant chassis line.

    Darts were the Ford Focus of their day

  4. Xminer 124 says:

    Can we see the dart N O W vs then? Yea the old wins 24/7

  5. matrox says:

    340 Dusters were extremely popular in the 70s.

  6. amightyatom says:

    Any suggestions of what I could have for dinner? P.s I dont like mushrooms or sweetcorn. Thanks

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