DIY Rust Repair Cheap And Easy!


Body Repair

In this video I filmed from start to finish as I repaired the door sill on my 2009 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg. This is by no means the “right way” to do the job.

24 Replies to “DIY Rust Repair Cheap And Easy!”

  1. Jack brennan says:

    Nice video dude, looks like a pro job. I've got lots to do on my Mk4 jetta so this is some good homework

  2. 2 2 says:

    If you had use acids also and a sharp tool to scratch away the rust dots from the pores It would have work.

  3. A Marie says:

    You have 12 year rust warranty

  4. Shinjae Lim says:

    it will come back in few month

  5. Great video, some good tips thanks

  6. brig boods says:

    Which material are used in this work pls tell me the names

  7. Michael D says:

    Seriously I did open heart surgery on my uncle teddy last week. And I’m a floorguy

  8. Michael D says:

    Fucking love you tube

  9. Can you write which products you used? Step by step?

  10. Thanks! I'll be doing this to my expedition… It's got a bit more rust though. 😕😁

  11. It looks good but as someone who’s been a professional body man for over 20 years you left out a crucial step with those pin hole rust areas. You should have at the very least use a rust inhibitor or use a handheld spot blaster to clean deep into those pits. Otherwise your paint will start bubbling after the first few times that rocker panel gets wet. Other then that you did a great job.

  12. TutorialBump says:

    Can you tell us the sand paper numbers you used in the video?

  13. is there any concern with grinder sparks catching fire?

  14. Spray with clear what. What kind of paint did you use???

  15. The difficult part is finding an exact colour match for your spray paint

  16. julian floyd says:

    Lmao speed up time for white guy actually pase for the Hispanic guy xD

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