46 Replies to “How to do repair auto body rust with bondo”

  1. Daniel Cruz says:

    Holy cow… great video. Thanx

  2. About how much would someone spend on materials and eq. if one doesn't have any?

  3. Where can I get thesoundtrack?

  4. Jonah Boyer says:

    what kind of rubbing compound is he talking about at the end?

  5. mmm norm… but need destroy rust before bondo.. and can use epoxy primer before bondo..

  6. Complete waste of time. You never use polyester body filler (Bondo) to repair rust! This section should be cut out and a patch welded in. Then after grinding the welds flush you would coat with fiberglass filler then Bondo to smooth the surface. Bondo is like a sponge and never used like this video shows. If you treated the bare steel with phosphoric acid conversion coating then used WATERPROOF fiberglass filler it would last a while.

  7. 86 Cutty says:

    Best bondo vid on youtube thks

  8. FLASHTV says:

    IF you're selling your car right away, that is one way of doing it,

  9. Bo Rasmussen says:

    Even then masking – safety goggles are worn 🙂

  10. Better compound your bumper, hood and windshield. Next time cover them up bud.

  11. do I need an angle grinder to grind or will a normal grinder be ok?

  12. arthur1920 says:

    You didn't do anything about the pits?
    Was the clear coat you used one of those two part "clearcoats in a can"?
    Don't you need some kind of a clear coat blending agent to get the new coat to stick to the old?

  13. 7:40 That is a pretty heavy thin coat. Great video though.

  14. Why you don't put epoxy primer before epoxy filler…?

  15. s0nnyburnett says:

    You didn't get all that rust, it will be seeing you again soon.

  16. Eh Nazim says:

    Thank you all for liking this …

  17. Farmer2492 says:

    great video i filled the holes of mine with solder done it 7 years ago and the rust has never come back

  18. mportklr says:

    WOW!  this tutorial was really good because I sat here for 10:40 without noticing the time.

  19. You should also cover the surrounding areas in plastic so you don't get over spray and back mask as well

  20. MegaArmien says:

    Worked well for my Opel 1998

  21. eewwq14 says:

    lol we all know its a honda

  22. Ladosligese says:

    ehmm .. after sanding do NOT just cover it up :-s .. use 1/4 white vinegar and "hot" water .. work the area over with a kitchen scrubber spunge thingy .. dont know its word in english 😀 .. let it sit for 5 mins .. rinse repeat .. after second treatment u will see the rust that u couldnt sand out go black = its dead .. THEN move forward with the bodyfiller .. ofc rinse off the area first and yes u read right .. Vinegar 

  23. Sooo basically all of this was for nothing cause those pits are gonna bubble the bondo and crack it. Good Job 3M..

  24. Colby Dirks says:

    I have a 2007 chevy avalanche and would like to have the cladding painted. A friend told me that i could use a light weight bondo to rub over the textured plastic then sand it smooth.  Do you have any recomendations on how to do this? do you sell the products to do something like this? Thank you

  25. D4VL94 says:

    What should I do if I have a gray paint and you see a difference? How can I make it equal?

  26. rust in that area often from rock chips so originating on the outside, not on the inside like a fender or rocker panel.

  27. iTankuQQ CA says:

    That rust is surface rust due at a non-painted area..

  28. Eh Nazim says:

    Thanks Crosales. A little late..

  29. Eh Nazim says:

    Well the rust in the video is not that deep and after all they have to sell their product.

  30. Eh Nazim says:

    Shakell. work under shadow on a warm day. Room temperature is good for work.

  31. Eh Nazim says:

    Derdian. Well we should not foreget that its a temporary solution for the problem and rust is like a cancer. Even if it last for couple of years to cover the holes, it is worth.

  32. Eh Nazim says:

    Bohemian You dont need to weld if you put a wire mesh for spaces more than couple of inches. Thanks


  34. Are you going to weld up holes? Does it matter?

  35. gurowar says:

    nice video this showed me what I was missing, very helpful thank you for this video!!

  36. cozzi wysong says:

    and now your HONDA has no rust spot hahahahahaha

  37. Luis Moreno says:

    Man! You Americans are so lucky to have better body filler found in your automotive stores. Here in Mexico, all the good stuff is expensive, where as all the cheap crap is inexpensive. This cheap filler I have, gets so many pinholes and mixed spots. Damn this shit is annoying, doesn't even touch 3M quality.

  38. How much does it cost. I used this video to repair a rust spot on my car and I'm well over a hundred in, and it looks like caca. Should've just taken it to the shop. Anytime you do something for the first time you'll make mistakes. My bondo looked smooth as hell until I applied the paint, then I saw how crappy it actually was. Never again.

  39. james gensch says:

    When you lift the hood ,you will see that the rust eats it's way around to the inside , on my tailgate it was much worse…

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