Sleepers! Muscle Cars That Are Faster Than They Look! Muscle Car of the Week Video Episode 215 V8TV


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CHECK OUT THE FULL VIDEOS ON THESE SLEEPERS! #36: 1966 Plymouth Belvedere II #27 1969 Ford Mustang 426 CJ …


20 Replies to “Sleepers! Muscle Cars That Are Faster Than They Look! Muscle Car of the Week Video Episode 215 V8TV”

  1. Richard Gill says:

    That Galaxy is most definitely a sleeer. 4 door 4 speed. Wow

  2. 1974 T Bird 460. Quiet and FAST for a big heavy car. It will plant you hard in a very comfortable seat.

  3. a ford maverick is a sleeper too if it had the factory 302. im about to put a 347 in mine. will go from 120hp/150tq to a huge 400hp/425tq. the neat thing about this is that the car only weighs 2500lbs. imagine that power to weight ratio.

  4. Glen Rybacek says:

    Great video as always u knock it out of the park thanks, For sharing….

  5. kevin fay says:

    Have seen a galaxie drop top with 427 same as one in article was owned by ford parts man and ordered that way when I saw it body was shot sleeper style but when hood was open clean as a whisle and a 4 speed only 1 Ive ever seen that was 20years ago

  6. 01trsmar says:

    Remember these cars had zero traction.

    Test results for all old cars mid 1950's to early 1970's are skewed…

    The test results are not like today,as they tested them different then.Either flooring it from a start and doing a huge burnout and recording that time..You run slower when you are spinning so 0-60 and 1/4 mile times are off by seconds even a few seconds for some cars !

    They also tested them by not flooring it in 1st gear,they waited until it shifted into 2nd then floored it,missing the powerband so they wouldnt have to deal with tire spinning etc,thus times are wrong !

    Many of these cars run 11's,most muscle cars ran 12 seconds in the 1/4 mile..if they could hook up !

  7. Had a 71 Gran Prix with as tricked out 455, close to 600 HP with 2 4's and lots of sleeper mods. i raced it on the street in Houston, always raced for $100. and only lost 2 times. baby would do 165 in a blink, only problem was it would start to float at 165 but still had a lot of power, just too scary to top out.

  8. When i win the powerball I'm gonna get the most fucking badass 65 Impala ss the world has ever seen and a tesla P100D model s!

  9. broomsterm says:

    Love the '66 Impala SS. Knew an old lady who had one (was her son's). Don't remember if it had the 4-speed and 425 hp. Think it was an automatic with 390 hp?

  10. Matthew Poff says:

    How bout a 3rd gen nova? One of the best strip racers!

  11. Skydiver says:

    Excellent collection, thanks for the video.

  12. The best sleeper…A 58 Mercury with a stock 430 cu in engine making 400HP.
    Could you imagine that in 1958…

  13. Roger Farmer says:

    that is bull sht I have never seen a ss with dog dish hub caps yet

  14. How would have thought the factory would build such cars

  15. An another 63 Tempest with a 326 4 speed.

  16. An another 63 Tempest with a 326 4 speed.

  17. Another sleeper 1964 Biscayne Chevy with a 409 my friend Charlie had one with hubcaps white wall guys tot it was a slug!! It was an Animal!!! Boy smoked mad cars!!! With a 4 on the floor.

  18. f4udhorn says:

    Another sleeper was my big as a house '69 Torino Talledega with no outside markings on it except a small T on the gas cap. Big but light car with no a/c, no undercoating or sound deadening, radio delete, 180mph speedo, 428 CJ underated grossly. 2-4's. 3:00 traction Lock. Would run even with a Z-28 '69 Camaro, stoplight to stoplight, but outrun it on the straighaway.

  19. f4udhorn says:

    The Studebaker V8, 289 in the Avanti has been touted by several automotive writers as being America's Best V8! I wish I'd never sold mine. Great car. Totally bulitt-proof performance engine.

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